Our Culture.

We are a group of dreamers, of curious, adaptive and eclectic individuals. A collective of strategists, marketers, creatives, data hounds and artisans. We are a marriage of creativity and practicality. Integrity, respect, taking pride in our work, and being unpretentious are the things we hold dear.

Our Leadership Team.

Leonard Gebhardt

Leonard Gebhardt

Founder & CEO of Red Fox Group Consult & Create

Business development, customer marketing & project management specialist, with 25+ years FMCG experience.

Consultant on commercial, customer marketing, route to market, innovation and strategy development for numerous companies in the liquor and FMCG industry.

Dieter Becker

Dieter Becker

Chief Creative Officer at Red Fox Create

A multiple POPAI award winning designer, with 10+ years design experience on domestic and international brands.

Holds an international BTECH diploma in 3D Design and Digital Animation. A Former Creative Director at various point of sale companies.

Debbie Gebhardt

Debbie Gebhardt

MD at Red Fox Connect & Insight | Head of Consumer Marketing Red Fox Consult | CMO Red Fox Group

25+ years marketing experience, incl. 6 years as Marketing Director at Levi’s, 4 years as Chief Marketing Officer at Shout it Now, and 8 years consulting at executive level.

Co-founder of The Testing Panel, a division of Vibrand. CEO of Starlight Media and Check Know Prevent NGO.

Coci Herrick

Coci Herrick

Creative Director at Red Fox Connect

20+ years experience in the digital space leading media and creative teams, with the main focus on end-user and customer experiences.

Graphic, UX/UI, web design, video production + design thinking, and information visualisation with an aptitude for problem-solving in human-centric ways.

Bernette Becker

Bernette Becker

Design Director at Red Fox Connect

10+ years experience as a senior graphic and layout designer, working in advertising, publishing, printing, packaging and digital media.

Social media expert, skilled copywriter and proofreader, adept at developing unique and on-brand personas and corporate identities.

Marilu Smit

Marilu Smit

Senior Quantitative Consultant at Red Fox Insight

Published quantitative research specialist, with expertise in advertising, branding, statistical analysis, product testing & sensory research. Our very own Mensa member with a proven record in innovation. 

A 14-year career, with an established reputation as a transformational leader.

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