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What do you get when you create a collaboration between two executive level 25-year consumer, customer and shopper marketing veterans, multiple award-winning 3D designers, ferociously curious research specialists and technical and engineering whizzes – all with a touch of OCD?

The answer is the Red Fox Group, a Retail Marketing Agency that offers a full end-to-end service, from insights through to execution of solutions. We assist organisations in becoming indispensable partners to their customers, and brands to win with shoppers at the point of purchase.

Balancing creativity and impact with practicality and real-world environments

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Red Fox Consulting, founded in 2015, is a highly successful Customer and Shopper Marketing consultancy. We have worked with a desirable list of leading global brands, helping them develop strategies and plans to build their businesses on the African continent.

Red Fox Consulting
Red Fox Retail
Red Fox Retail

Red Fox Retail, founded in 2019 as an independent subsidiary of the Red Fox Group, is a design and manufacturing company producing tailored brand visibility solutions. The business takes pride in delivering impactful solutions that work – that grab the attention of consumers and shoppers and are practical to implement in the retail environment, both locally and abroad.

Red Fox Digital

Red Fox Connect consists of key professionals blending strategic, creative and technical expertise, producing dynamic end-user experiences and memorable brand ignition. We work across the board from digital strategy to web design, social to SEO, graphic design, information visualization services and so much more.

Red Fox Digital
Red Fox Retail
Red Fox Insight

Red Fox Insight is our market intelligence offering, also an independent subsidiary of the Red Fox Group. From qualitative, quantitative and sensory research through to big data analysis, we are full of fresh ideas backed by years of experience. With an Africa wide network we are able to conduct research across the continent.

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