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A significant benefit of Red Fox Group is that while each business together forms a full-service Retail Marketing Agency, because they are individual businesses, you only pay for the bits you need – no huge retainers to cover exorbitant overheads.

It’s also important to note that the people who do the work are not only directors but business owners, so they are fully invested in delivering the best possible solution and giving every single project – large or small – their absolute best efforts.

  • We offer a full end-to-end Retail Marketing Service – we understand Route-to-Market, pricing, trade terms, segmentation, category management, new product development & commercialisation and shopper marketing
  • We offer digital marketing solutions that help clients achieve success with digital business and transformation strategies
  • We are exceptional data analysts, able to extract insights from numbers
  • We have a credible, accredited, full-service research agency partnership
  • We are agile, adaptable and flexible
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  • Our extensive liquor, retail and FMCG market knowledge sets us apart
  • Our track record of repeat business with an enviable client list
  • Our award-winning designers, engineers, and manufacturers, who balance creativity and impact with practicality and real-world environments at every stage of the process
  • Our relationships with suppliers that ensure best quality substrates at best value for money

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