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Sensory analysis (or sensory evaluation) is a scientific discipline that applies principles of experimental design and statistical analysis to the use of human senses for the purposes of evaluating consumer products.

What We Do!

The Sensorium, Red Fox Insight, conducts panels using any or all of the analysis techniques and methodologies from the broader field of sensory analysis. We can conduct these studies in-home, in-store or in a central venue. While trained expert panels can also be arranged if required, our primary focus is on the consumer of the final product.

We expertly advise on:


Assessing how well your product delivers on consumer expectations and needs, incorporating relativity to competitors if required.


When choosing which new variant to launch, understanding how your new product/formulation performs relative to your current products and competitors, assessing changes to existing products or looking for specific recommendations on how to improve your current offering.


Using a specific sensory methodology we can assess consumers’ perceptions of new packs, branding or concepts, while giving you clear direction on how to improve your offering. This can be an interesting alternative or add-on to qualitative research groups


Using sensory methodologies and leveraging our experience in generating valid and accurate preference claims, we can add this powerful complement to your marketing mix.


Understanding how, when, where and how often consumers use your product, as well as how they decide to buy.

The Sensorium - Product Performance
The Sensorium - Consumer perception
Concept Testing
The Sensorium - Consumer Testing
The Sensorium - Product Competitors
The Sensorium - Triangle method

Some examples of the sensory methodologies we use


Which provide information on selected characteristics e.g., JAR and Penalty analysis to assess whether any specific attributes/characteristics of the product or packaging bring the overall liking score down, and if so, by how much.


(Sensory discrimination) to determine whether there are detectable differences between products e.g., Triangle test to discern whether 2 products are perceptibly different from one another.


To determine subjective attitudes to a product e.g., acceptability or preference, which follows discriminative or descriptive testing.

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Sensory research is the quantitative answer to critical decision making with regard to your products – let us help you the make the very best of your consumer offering.

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