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The Red Fox Group approaches each project as a unique challenge, offering tailored solutions and services that work, growing brand loyalty and boosting the bottom line.

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Red Fox Consulting

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Facilitating strategic decisions & implementing process through expert data analysis and insights

We are fascinated by consumer and shopper segments, usage occasions, motivations and shopper missions. We thrive on data and are experienced with various client data sources including IRI and Spar Insights, as well as developing customised research projects.

From providing fully outsourcing Customer and Consumer Marketing functions, to designing Route-to-Market strategies, Pricing strategies and modelling to financial scenario planning, we also manage new product commercialisation and advise on category management. We uncover real insights embedded in seemingly endless data to drive informed decisions that propel your business forward in these challenging times.

Red Fox Retail

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Making brands pop and categories easy to navigate

This dynamic team propel brands into the spotlight in the most cluttered of environments and create category solutions to simplify both the shopper experience and the job of store merchandisers at retail and in the on-trade environment.

Driven by innovation, practicality and value for money, the Red Fox Retail team has a deep understanding of the retail and consumption environment and proposes solutions that are guaranteed to be easy to implement, and robust relative to the duration of the item’s use.

From permanent signage and display units, through to wobblers, gondola ends, pallet wraps, shelf units and fridge displays, Red Fox Retail has you covered. The team’s experience spans FMCG and liquor, both retail and on-trade, and they manage the process from design, through procurement, production and delivery (incl. installation where required). We even design with the distribution process in mind to ensure optimise costs and facilitate ease of set-up, no matter where your business is located.

Red Fox Connect

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A team of specialists passionate about bringing your brand to life

Our strengths include developing a digital action plan that defines your online presence, digital marketing, online sales, customer and supplier interaction, mobile-based solutions, online security and cloud storage solutions.

Our crack creative team of graphic designers are all about logos, corporate identity, catalogues and unique out-of-the-box thinking. This includes layout and printing of custom publications plus conceptualisation and management of media campaigns.

Let us develop a custom communication strategy including positioning, content creation, copywriting, proofreading, user engagement and audience management, social network advertising (social media targeting) and email newsletters, marketing campaigns and digital automation.

Website design and development with extremely customizable design, features, and functionalities. Fully responsive and integrated with the multi-device and social space. From basic single page sites to eCommerce including everything you need to boost your SEO.

User Experience (UX) and Design Thinking is at the forefront of everything we create. The end-user is key, keeping clients coming back for more, growing your bottom line.

Red Fox Insight

Our appetite for innovation knows no bounds

With foundations firmly rooted in practicality, our appetite for innovation knows no bounds when it comes to getting you the answers you need – from shopper and consumer research, customer or employee engagement and satisfaction surveys though to packaging assessment and product testing, we use the latest technology and software to bring you insights that drive decision-making.

You’re guaranteed fresh thinking grounded in solid theory from very experienced minds in the Qual, Quant and Sensory research worlds, while our analytics specialists are chomping at the bit to turn your big data into meaningful information.

Whatever your challenge, we’re ready to tailor make a solution that will best address your needs, be it focus groups, online or telephonic surveys, whatsapp chats, in-home product testing, in-store interviews or mystery shopping! With a trusted and well-established Africa wide network, we are able to resolve challenges and answer questions from across the continent.

We bring an open mind, natural curiosity,
and a desire to really understand our client’s needs.

Red Fox Group

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